Changing The Way We Can View the WORLD!

Unprecedented super-fast, large content, multimedia delivery technology!


ALOOTech offers an unprecedented visual and multimedia experience through 5G and IOT delivery

ALOOTech’s patented Embedded Alternate Perspective (EAP) is designed to be delivered over IOT and 5G to provide businesses and consumers with near real time multimedia experience. This breakthrough in technology will allow consumers and businesses multimedia access in various applications like never before.

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What We Provide

Near Real Time Live Multimedia Stream Delivery

ALOOTech is making impactful changes in Law Enforcement, providing consumers with unprecedented live visual access in sports and social media, and a true high-speed content experience only possible with our use of 5G and IOT.

AI Driven Security

Our technology provides perspectives that will allow facilities with our tech


What’s it like to be:
Behind the wheel of your favorite driver?

Law Enforcement

ALOOTech will give Law Enforcement an unprecedented perspective on suspect interaction


Our tech will be installed in Android devices to add unprecedented capability

Automotive and more…

We have a patented AI that will be strongly effective in reducing drowsy and drunk driving accidents worldwide!

Our Purpose

Our Purpose is to use our Technology to Provide unique Visual and Multimedia Access to Both Consumers and Businesses!

Our Team Members



A visionary with over 20 years of executive management and entrepreneurial experience, including 17 years at Disney/ABC. His vision for ALOOTech is to provide consumers with unprecedented perspectives in sports, law enforcement, and entertainment, while making the world safer.


SVP Tech Development

Tech communications engineer for over 30 years: Nortel Tech Design Engineer; CEO of Emtec Solutions performing R&D for tech startups.


Chief Engineer

Seasoned System Engineer and Product Architect with a focus on platform and firmware design; Cellular 5G station software and hardware designer; Designed and engineered for Nortel, Emtec Solutions; UTD Advisor; owns 5 patents


Software Engineer

Graduate of University of Texas, Dallas with a BS in Data Science; proficient in engineering the technical aspects of systems and developing data pipelines.


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